New Drug Development

We are developing a novel anti-inflammation drug GR-Mx accompanied with anti-oxidant, anti-aging and cell protecting as great opportunities for arteriosclerosis, arthritis,  xerophthalmia, canker sore, nephritis and etc. treatments. We are also keeping the focus on the development of new drug in respect to oxidative damage related organ degenerative disease for the enhancement of human life quality and wellness.


Wound Dressing

The GR-Dx is developed for dermatosis treatment, with several great potential including skin protecting, wound repairing, inflammation inhibiting, anti-aging, moisture recovering, temperature reducing, and atopic dermatitis and allergy improving.

Functional Food

The GR-Fx is developed for health care on endurance strengthening, sleep improving, inflammation inhibiting, and etc.

Beauty Care

Our unique long-lasting anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-UV formula Gold Thioctate  can be added in various medical cosmetic products for the skin protection, youth and beauty.
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